Static Guards

Our security guards duties are not just to patrol to catch intruders they are there to put in place the security measures to make sure intrusions occur less.

Reasons for having security patrols are as follows.

  • to prevent, fire and damage to your property
  • to prevent waste of company resources - by turning off left on lights etc
  • to prevent accidents
  • to prevent intrusion

Our security patrols vary both in time and route, in order to ensure the element of surprise should an incident occur. If an incident does occur, it is always logged in the appropriate incident book. This may become important evidence if the police need to be called.

As part of our security patrols our security guards can check for, and switch off unnecessary lighting, saving you money by reducing energy bills. This will also help to reduce your company's carbon footprint.

As well as this our guards can also be used to ensure your staff are obeying the rules and regulations laid down by your company. This can be anything from enforcing the no smoking policy, to safeguarding the physical and intellectual property of your organisation.